Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brand New Beginnings

Well, I'm done working at the bookstore. My days of a bookseller are now over...well, unless I'm actively selling my own book, but in that case, I do prefer the title of author! The store I worked in has closed its doors, never to re-open. I'll have fond memories of my 12 years working at the local bookstore and I know at times I'm sure to miss it dearly. But, I am also relieved to become a stay-at-home mom and romance author...full-time.

My first order of business majorly clean my house. I love my husband, but he really does make a horrible house-husband. As a man, he just doesn't see the same mess that I see. He calls it "lived-in" or "orderly chaos". I call it "a tornado just wrecked havoc through my living room and kitchen". That tornado has 2 names, by the way, and they're of the ages 2 & 3. I'm hoping now that I'm home permanently, I'll reclaim my house from the clutter monster and motivate my husband into some of those house projects we've discussed recently.

It occurrs to me this is the first time since I was a teenager that I've been unemployed. It's going to take some adjustments. It feels like I've lost an identity, which I sorta have. I am no longer a bookseller.


But, it also gives me the push that I probably needed to really look at myself as an author. Now, when anyone asks what I do for a living, I can tell them truthfully that I write books for a living.

Wish me luck with my new life!