Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogging at the Black Rose

It's my day at The Wild Rose Press's Black Rose blog to talk about crafting a short story. What are the similarities and differences between writing shorter versus longer length? Which do you prefer? I hope you'll stop on over for a visit and chat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fascinated By Ghosts

I've always been fascinated by ghosts. Ever since I was very young and living at my grandmother's house. Our family often experienced strange goings on there. My Nana would never frighten us or tell us it was just our imagination when we came to her with our experiences. Instead, she kindly explained that the ghosts living in her house were our deceased relatives and they would never do anything to harm us because they loved us.

I don't know how true that was but it comforted us at the time. Although, it could very well have been true. My great-grandmother died in the living room right where the TV now stands. Perhaps that's why when my Nana was upstairs, she'd hear the sound of voices and think the television was on. Thinking my aunt had forgotten to turn it off before going to sleep, she'd go down, only to find it wasn't on at all.

There were many times I'd see shadows where none should be and I'd get that feeling of being watched when no one was around. Instead of finding the situations creepy, I thought it was an interesting experience. If I had known as a child that there were people who conducted investigations on houses such as my grandmother's, I might have asked her to give them a call. That would have been fun. Sadly, my grandmother had to sell her house shortly before she died. Maybe she's haunting the people who live there now.