Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spending the day at the Holistic Fair

I participated in Schuylkill Haven's First Annual Holistic Fair yesterday hosted by Ocean's Away Spa. My friend and former co-worker Michele from Lady Dragonfly Gifts allowed me to share her table where I promoted my soon-to-be-released ebook The Witch and the Wolf.

Michele creates beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, scarves and pet throws. She's also a very talented photographer and specializes in graveyard photography. I fell back on another talent I've had since my teens and created some colorful dreamcatchers to sell, as well.

We had so much fun meeting people who shared our interests. It was a wonderful experience I was glad to share with friends who attended and I really can't wait for next year's event. The only drawback was the rising temperature. We managed to get a perfect spot that kept us out of the sun for most of the day, but somehow, even sitting in the shade I managed to get a sunburn! My skin is white as a ghost (or even a vampire!) and I suppose that just being near the sunlight was close enough to do a bit of damage. I'll take this as a warning and keep to my nocturnal activities for a while until I heal. Gardening in the moonlight can be fun, too. :)