Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Favorites

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! The magic of the season inevitably draws me in. It all begins with the pine smell wafting through our living room as we decorate the Christmas tree with twinkling lights and other ornaments. And tinsel. My husband cannot leave the tree alone until it is covered top to bottom with tinsel! This year, he actually went a little light on it. My Gone With the Wind ornaments are a complete must on our tree. And, we have a brand new Baby's 1st Christmas tree ornament this year due to the birth of my third child, a little girl.

And while we decorate, we have Christmas music playing in the background. Dean Martin is my all time favorite singer when it comes to Christmas songs. But, we also have Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and the Andrews Sisters. Oh, let's not forget Bing Crosby!

And that brings us to movies... It's hard to pick a favorite. I must see all of the following EVERY Christmas...White Christmas, A Christmas Carol (with Patrick Stewart), A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Miracle of 34th Street, Scrooged, Elf, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the original cartoon version) and It's a Wonderful Life. I don't know what it is, but ever since I have children I weep when I watch It's a Wonderful Life. And I don't mean just a tear or two. I mean hysteric sobbing. Okay, maybe not hysteric. There's something so precious as knowing that you're needed and loved, knowing that you're special to those who know you.

And, of course, the presents. Now, I love getting presents at Christmas, but then, I like receiving gifts at any time of year! What I really love is the giving at Christmas. There's so much I like to do for people to show them I appreciate their friendship, love and kindness. I love to watch their eyes light up when they open their gifts. Especially the children. Children truly inspire the magic of the season. I remember that magic when I was young and I hold onto it as tightly as I can all year long.

And in the spirit of the giving season, I'm offering a copy of my e-book, The Witch and the Wolf. Just comment to win. Tell me what is your favorite part about the Christmas season. Is it the snow? The presents? What's your favorite Christmas movie or song? What is it that makes Christmas special to you? I'll announce the winner on Sunday, December 26th.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sequel!

I have a new book contract with The Wild Rose Press! Yay! I'm currently in the editing stages of my new e-book, The Witch and the Vampire. This is Melora Merriweather's story, sister to Lillian from The Witch and the Wolf. And last week, I opened my e-mail to see the brand new book cover designed by Tamra Westberry. I love it!

This is happy news for me and really brightens my day. And I certainly needed cheering up since nearly everyone in my household is sick. I've had a nasty cold for two weeks now and I've unwillingly shared it with my two sons and my husband. I'm hoping we get over this in time to celebrate a happy and healthy Christmas.

Christmas isn't even here and my thoughts have turned to the New Year. I'm making a list of new resolutions, most of them in the writing area of my life. When I decide what I want to work on, I'll post it, just to keep it as a reminder to myself during the year and hopefully as motivation, too.

As for now, I'm back to work on another story (a novel this time), in between sniffles and coughs. 'Tis the season!