Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Another week of Six Sentence Sunday fun!
Set up: Lord Jeremy North and his servant, Amery are discussing the methods of how to kill a werewolf, a condition in which Lord North suffers. Amery starts:   
“But, we don’t know if silver bullets work. We haven’t tried that, yet.”

“Through the heart should do, I think. Quick and clean, as may be.”

“Silver or lead, what difference does it make if there’s a hole in your heart? Any bullet through the heart might do." 

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  1. I hope for their sake that's the case! Unless you don't want to kill them... See you already have me hooked! Great six!

  2. Love this - history and fantasy rolled into one! Now I want to know that answer. Great snippet, it really caught my eye. :-D. x

  3. I loved that last line. Really well done.

  4. Poor Lord North, I hope he and Amery don't get to far along with this plan ;)

  5. Well done, you had me from the first line. Thank you.

  6. I really liked that second-to-last line, but I think you could easily cut the very last one :)

    ...trying to kill him might get messy... hope they don't do it inside...