Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Spotlight: Walking Into Her Heart by @SusanJPOwens

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A First Realm Novel

Seeking the truth about her husband's death, Shelby Littleton heads to Wyoming where she meets handsome cowboy Kyle Pressley. Their immediate connection makes her blood race, but she never expects it to lead to another realm where spirit guides suggest she's the chosen one and evil warriors seek to destroy her.

Although he knows a spiritual war is at hand, Kyle, a Mind-Walker and an ex-SEAL, has sworn never to use his gift again. He's prepared to handle ancestral curses and the hoodlums pursuing the powerful token Shelby possesses--but falling in love with her turns his world upside down.

Together, they struggle to understand their soul-baring love even as evil forces attack them. Can Shelby let go of her connection to her husband and embrace Kyle's love? And can Kyle accept that mind-walking is a gift for a greater purpose--in time to save Shelby's life?


Kyle’s stomach clenched as remorse flooded his gut. “When you touched my arm, I responded. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Shelby hugged him and gazed into his eyes. The connection of her trust, coupled with his conviction to protect her, created an inconceivable force within him, producing a stimulus for something deeper, an impetus toward a commitment. He sucked in a breath and admitted there was more.

A visceral reaction drew him to her—where no woman had taken him in a long time. He visualized his hands in her thick brown hair spread on his pillows, tangled in sheets after a night in bed…with him. Sweet Jesus, it’d been ages since he’d had this type of response.

Her hazel eyes danced. Shelby tilted her head, and her silky hair cascaded down her back. The creamy skin of her neck invited him and his body answered in a primal way.

Her lips turned into a smile and her natural beauty smacked him on target. He shifted minimally to relieve the pressure in his jeans but not to dislodge her from his thigh. Hot streaks of desire shot through his veins, while tiny sparks set his skin on fire. He shivered, recognizing the irony. Reining in his thoughts, drawing back his fervor, he blinked long, inhaled fully, and released the air.

With Shelby’s arms wrapped around his waist, their gazes still locked, her eyes were a window to her soul. He wanted to mind walk with Shelby. No. He intended to keep his vow. Damn, what was he thinking? What had this woman done to him?

About the Author:
 Susan JP Owens lives on a ranch in Texas with her loving and supportive husband. After work and leaving the dangerous and sizzlin' hot world of her romance stories, she enjoys skydiving, the great outdoors and a fine glass of wine from time to time. You can visit Susan at Email: Connect on Twitter, she follows back:@SusanJPOwens and Facebook, Susan JP Owens, Author Find her on GoodReads, Google+, LinkedIn, Triberr, and Pinterest

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