Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fool For Romance Facebook Party #giveaways #prizes

This year I'm participating with several authors in a Facebook Party! There's going to be lots of prizes and fun. This is a great way to find new authors and new books, too! I'll be popping in to chat and say 'hello' during the week, but I'll post details to my contests on Tuesday, March 31 on Facebook. I have some copies of my books to giveaway! There's also a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE - a $100 Amazon Gift Card! I hope to see you there!
March 23 - April 1
Mar 23 at 12:00am to Apr 1 at 12:00pm

Fool For Romance 2015 is in effect and this year it's a Facebook party! Party with a variety of romance authors and win prizes, including the grand prize of a $100 Amazon gift card.


Monday 3/23/15 :
12:00 am to noon: Crystal-Rain Love
Noon to midnight: Crystal Green

Tuesday 3/24/15:
12:00 am to noon: Rachel Brimble
Noon to midnight: Sharon Hamilton

Wednesday 3/25/15:
12:00 am to noon: D.B. Reynolds
Noon to midnight: Anita Kidesu

Thursday 3/26/15:
12:00 am to noon: Heather Long
Noon to midnight: Laurie Sorenson

Friday 3/27/15:
12:00 am to noon: Missy Jane
Noon to midnight: Destiny Booze

Saturday 3/28/15:
12:00 am to noon: Brandy Walker
Noon to midnight: Alicia Dean

Sunday 3/29/15:
12:00 am to noon: Beth Caudill
Noon to midnight: M. Kate Quinn

Monday 3/30/15:
12:00 am to noon: Lisa Kessler
Noon to midnight: Cate Masters

Tuesday 3/31/15:
12:00 am to noon: Tricia Schneider
Noon to midnight: Wrap-Up Par-tay with ALL the authors.

Wednesday April 1st, 2015 = Grand Prize Winner Drawn!!!

Authors will be posting their promos during their scheduled times but can chat with readers at any time so even if you drop in late and miss an author, comment on their posts so they can reply. :)

Check each author's guidelines for their individual giveaways. Some may be limited time and others may accept entries longer. Be sure to scroll down each day so that you don't miss any giveaways!

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