Friday, May 8, 2015

Another Reason to Celebrate Mother's Day!

I have another special reason to celebrate Mother's Day this year! A brand new baby! Yep! I was blessed with another baby boy on April 15th. He measured 7lbs 14oz. and 20 inches long. He's the smallest of my babies, so itty-bitty tiny like a little baby doll! My oldest son was born 9lbs 5oz. which makes quite a difference in size especially when he couldn't even fit in some of the newborn clothes given to me for his baby shower! Lucky for me, I kept all those unused outfits, so now his baby brother has the perfect sized clothing.

My children are thrilled to have a new sibling. My 4 year-old daughter has become like a second mommy to him. She helps change his diapers and gets clothes for him to wear. She's a wonderful helper. My older boys are just as helpful. They hold him for me while I try to get some work done around the house (which hasn't been much lately!). I took some time off of house-work to recover from my c-section.

I also intended to take some time off of writing. Since this is my 4th baby, I was aware of how exhausting it is to care for a newborn. To my complete surprise, my son has been very kind to me. He's a great sleeper! So much so that I couldn't sleep much at all those first few nights since I was constantly waking to check on him. And when he's awake, he's content to sit and look around, taking in his surroundings and listening to the constant noise of his brothers and sister playing in the same room.

I haven't gone back to my daily writing schedule yet, but I have worked a little here and there. Originally, I thought about giving myself a month or two away from writing, but even my husband laughed at that notion! I was talking about my stories with the nurses in the hospital. There was no way I could take a vacation from writing. The day after I came home from the hospital, I'd written about 2 or 3 pages of a brief outline for a story idea that I came up with from a dream. So, yes, even if I'm not working on my daily word count or edits as of yet, I'm still working on my stories. Even when I'm feeding the baby around 1am, I'm working through the plot of my current WIP. Just another way to prove that writers never take vacations!