Monday, January 30, 2017

#BookReview: Passion Never Dies by Anna Durand #PNR

Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series by Anna Durand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In March 2014, Anna Durand introduced a unique new series of paranormal romance novellas. For the first time ever, all four tales in the Reborn series are collected in one book.

Dawn woke up drowning, inside a tank in a laboratory straight out of a science fiction movie. Blinded by amnesia, she has no choice but to trust in the alluring stranger who pulls her out of the tank, but Jake Maxwell knows more than he cares to admit. Now Redeo Biotech, the company responsible for Dawn's resurrection, is hunting them both.

As their passion for each other blossoms, Jake and Dawn must outwit their enemies and rediscover their past lives. But when their greatest foe rises from the ashes of ancient Egypt bent on vengeance, only Jake and Dawn's eternal connection has the power to save them.

This collection includes the novellas Reborn to Die, Reborn to Burn, Reborn to Avenge, and Reborn to Conquer.

My Review:
Dawn wakes up in a tank filled with blue liquid, not remembering her name or her past or how she ended up in a laboratory with a handsome man who insists she needs to follow him quickly before the scientists return to find them. That scene begins an adventurous and romantic tale about a woman who has been resurrected from a 3000 year-old mummy.

When I read the description about this book, I knew instantly that I wanted to read it. A romance involving a mummy? That seemed right up my alley. I love a good paranormal romance with a unique twist and this book did not disappoint. The fast-paced action was intense as Dawn and Jake raced to escape the scientists and their military-like security. One turn after another, they were barely out of danger before another danger arose, leaving a breathless reader who couldn't stop turning the pages. I read this book in less than 3 days, which for my busy schedule is fairly quick these days. But, I really couldn't put this book down. The chapters are short and end with cliffhangers which kept convincing me that I could read just one more page, just one more chapter before I had to put it down.

Passion Never Dies is an exciting tale that won't disappoint readers looking for a unique and action-oriented romance. It was interesting to discover more about Dawn and how she came to be revived. I liked the explanations for her understanding of modern day devices, too. I enjoyed learning about her past and her experiences in ancient Egypt.

There are a few things that might stretch the limits of believability in this story, such as the number of times someone died and was brought back to life or the chance encounters with characters who recall their inter-connected past-life memories, but considering the plot is about a 3000 year-old mummy being brought back to life via a combination of science, technology and magic, I'm willing to overlook it. Besides, this story was just too much fun to read! In my opinion, this reminds me of a combination of a day-time soap opera and the sci-fi TV series, Stargate, SG1. And I mean that in the best possible comparisons.

I didn't realize, however, until I began reading that this book was originally a type of serial, which explains many of the repeated explanations to get readers caught up with the story in each section. I'm feel fortunate that I read this completed addition, so I did not have to wait for each installment. Not having the entire collection at once would've annoyed me. I'm the type of reader who will wait until an author completes a trilogy before reading all the books back to back. Of course, that's just me, but I know there are other readers out there who feel the same. If that's the case, then this book is for you!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Tricia. A 3,000 year old mummy getting revived is indeed very interesting.