Friday, December 28, 2018

#BookReview ~ A Clockwork Christmas #steampunk #holidayromance

A Clockwork Christmas: Wanted: One Scoundrel / This Winter Heart / Far From Broken / Crime Wave in a Corset Edited by Angela James Written by JK Coi, PG Forte, Stacy Gail, Jenny Schwartz

We Wish You a Steampunk Christmas

Changed forever after tragedy, a woman must draw strength from her husband's love. A man learns that love isn't always what you expect. A thief steals the heart of a vengeful professor. And an American inventor finds love Down Under. Enjoy Victorian Christmas with a clockwork twist in these four steampunk novellas.

Anthology includes:

Crime Wave in a Corset by Stacy Gail
This Winter Heart by PG Forte
Wanted: One Scoundrel by Jenny Schwartz
Far From Broken by JK Coi

Stories also available for purchase separately.

117,000 words 

My Review: 4 of 5 stars

These were all very entertaining holiday stories filled with steampunk inventions and creations, but I will admit that I enjoyed the first and last stories the very best.

Crime Wave in a Corset by Stacy Gail was fast-paced and suspenseful with interesting and mysterious characters. The characters clashed at the beginning and then were forced to work together which only brought them closer. It was a well-written story.

Far From Broken by JK Coi left me breathless. Although this story started out more slowly than the first, that by no means detracted from the story unfolding to introduce two tortured characters in need of love and healing. Callie and Jasper's ordeal touched my heartstrings as they both struggled to overcome the ugly hand that was dealt to them. This was an emotionally touching story that I enjoyed so much that I instantly bought the sequel, Broken Promises, which continues their story.

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