Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Release! Captured and Captivated #alienabduction #scifiromance #newrelease


Her Alien Lover

Tracy Gordon has an annoying ex who is behind in child support, a house in need of repair, and she just lost one of her two jobs. To make ends meet, she needs to make drastic changes in her life. When an alien bounty hunter lands in her backyard, she offers to help him find the alien he's hunting... for a price. If she gets half of the bounty, she'll be able to keep herself afloat financially a little while longer. But she doesn't expect to fall head over heels in love.

After Keenu literally trips over the little human, he finds himself deeply embroiled in her life. He's never cared for another the way he cares for Tracy. All he needs to do is find his fugitive and get home. Having Tracy tag along was not in his plans, but he's reluctant to refuse her. He enjoys her quick wit and spunky attitude. Plus, her soft curves fit neatly against him. Together they hunt for the escaped alien, but what will Keenu do when the job is done? How can he stand to leave when all he wants to do is keep her close?

Sexy aliens searching for their fated mates, finding them on Earth...and abducting them!

All hunky aliens know Earth is the best place to find a mate. But convincing human women to leave their home planet isn’t always easy.

So what’s an alien in love to do?

Sweep his mate off her feet, of course. Literally. Then take her to his spaceship and seduce her so they can live happily ever after.

Don't miss your chance to binge-read this all-new collection of steamy, seductive alien abduction romances by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Fans of Evangeline Anderson, Grace Goodwin, Ruby Dixon, and Celia Kyle will love this collection of over 25 short alien abduction romances.

A Limited Edition Collection of Alien Abduction Romances

This alien romance anthology features:

Alien Abduction for Pirates by Skye MacKinnon

The Alien Warrior’s Princess by Piper Fox

Gifted by Eva Priest

The Shifter Alien’s Stolen Bride by Margo Bond Collins and Nova Celeste

Captured by the Fire Dragon Prince by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

Dark Nebula by Luna Jade

Dire Tidings by Leigh Kelsey

Aldebaran by Tiegan Clyne

The Zexian’s Second Chance by Luna Wren

Drashar by Harpie Alexa

Her Alien Lover by Tricia Schneider

Stolen by the Star Lord by Dany Stone

Theirs to Keep by Sadie Marks

Sold to the Green Man by E.J. Powell

Double Star by Niobe Marsh

Reproduction by Maggie Alabaster

Forohn's Fated by Pearl Tate

Madness Unlocked by M. L. Guida

Wanderstar Warrior by Thea Dane

Forbidden Alien’s Mate by Katrina S. Karter & Lashe’ Lacroix

Captivated by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie

Capricorn’s Luck by Jessica Marting

Aura Awakened by Vivienne Hart

Commander Captive by Ashley Amy

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