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A Cursed All Hallows' Eve #Pre-Order #PNR #UrbanFantasy #RHR #cursedhallowseve


The veil is thin. Darkness calls. Will you answer?

Halloween curses plague the daring heroes and spunky heroines in this spirited collection of tales. A Cursed All Hallows' Eve brings you 20+ stories stuffed with everything from dark gods to brooding shifters, delivering hours of decadent, pleasure-filled reading from bestselling and award winning urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

If you can't get enough of those supernatural creatures - vampires, ghosts, witches, demons, and fae - this limited edition collection will alternately thrill you with the spicy and tempt you with the sweet. Delve into these worlds where the living haunt the dead and the undead tempt the breathing.

Answer the call, because this Halloween, not all the costumes are disguises. 

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Cover Reveal! Arresting Jeremiah by @AmberDaulton1 #RomanticSuspense #wrpbks


Title: Arresting Jeremiah
Author: Amber Daulton
Series: Arresting Onyx (book 2)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Cover Reveal: September 23rd, 2020
Release Date: October 14th, 2020
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 98k
Heat Rating: 5 Flames

Tags: woman in jeopardy, man in jeopardy, single mom, family, violent ex, investigations, police procedural, criminals, gangs, drugs, urban romance, HEA, no cliffhangers, standalone, series


Injured Parole Officer Jeremiah “Jim” Borden never expected Calista Barlow, the sassy blonde waitress he’s craved for months, to ring his doorbell. She slips into his heart—and his bed—but he’s obsessed with a gangland investigation that threatens his career and maybe even his life.

Calista doesn’t trust easily, not with a daughter to protect and the stalker who keeps calling her. After her violent ex-boyfriend returns, she finds solace in Jim’s arms.

Jim may have to forego his need for answers to protect the ready-made family he adores, but how will he and Calista escape an unseen enemy that is always one step ahead of them?

Tagline – When threats escalate, will Jim and Calista succumb, or fight for a love they can’t deny? 


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He hated to upset Calista all over again, but he had to know. “What were you thinking when you tried on the necklace?”

Air whizzed through her teeth. Silence stretched between them as they walked toward the diner. She sighed, her voice soft. “No offense, but I don’t know or trust you enough to let you in that much. I’ve made some mistakes—things I don’t want to talk about. Give me some time.”

Trust? He couldn’t blame her for that. If he demanded to know her secrets, he had to tear down the barbwire he’d erected around his.

No. That couldn’t happen. His life depended on his silence. Did her private thoughts and memories hinge on life and death too? His stomach twisted. Nothing bad would happen to her, not if he was around to stop it.

“What can you tell me?” Hell, only an asshole would ask something like that without opening up in return.

“The necklace reminded me of something I once wanted more than anything. Not the pearls itself, but what it represented. I couldn’t have it because I wasn’t good enough.” She pulled from his grasp and wrapped her arms around her middle.

“I’m sorry I forced you to try on the necklace. I thought you liked it. All women deserve something that makes them feel pretty.” The stench of oil filled his nose, and he sneezed. He glanced at the noisy passing cars and pulled Calista farther back along the sidewalk, away from a puddle in the road, before a vehicle splashed them. “I understand about lack of trust and the need for secrecy. I hope someday you can tell me what happened, but I do know one thing, even if you never tell me. You were good enough. You always have been and will always be.”

Her blue-green eyes widened. She traced her fingertips over his smooth jaw, leaving sparks in her wake.

“You’re so kind. I almost believe it when you say it. God, I wish I’d met you years ago, Jeremiah.”

“Why do you call me Jeremiah? Everyone else calls me Jim.”

“It feels more personal, as though you belong only to me. I may have to share Jim with the rest of the world, but Jeremiah—the strong, kind man I’ve admired over the past several months—is all mine.”

Her admission branded him like a fire poker to his skin. If he were alone, he’d beat his chest and roar. No woman had ever wanted to claim him. No one but her ever called him Jeremiah.

He coughed, clearing his throat. “Friday is only two days away, but I can’t wait that long. Let’s get in my car and go to a park, somewhere private, to talk.”

“Talk? Is that code for necking like teenagers?”

“I’m game if you are, but I don’t want to be rushed. We’ll have time for kissing and touching later.”

She pecked his cheek. “We better go before the rain starts again.”

He grasped her hand and they hurried back to the diner.

Official Book Trailer for Arresting Jeremiah


Great news! Arresting Mason, book one in the Arresting Onyx series, is on sale for .99 cents. Limited Time Only!

Find it here: 
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I’m working with the wonderful Maia from Silver Dagger Tours to host the release of Arresting Jeremiah. Readers, authors, and bloggers alike—we would love to have you on board for the month-long tour, beginning on October 14th.
There is also the option to review before the book goes LIVE!

About the Author 

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press, Books to Go Now, and Daulton Publishing, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.
She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

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Favorite Things About Autumn #LongandShortReviews #BlogChallenge


This week's topic: Favorite things to do in the autumn

I love when the trees start to turn colors and the air cools enough for me to turn off the air conditioners and open the windows to let the fresh breeze back into my house. With the heat of summer gone, I can go about my day in either long jeans or shorts depending on how I feel. 

Then we have the flavors of everything pumpkin. I drool at the thought of pumpkin muffins. Seriously, those should be around all year long. I know some people can get crazy with pumpkin flavors, but I do draw the line with some things. I tried pumpkin ice cream and that is just not my thing!

Hot apple cider is a must-have treat in my household. Years ago, I learned how to make it from some workers at a cafe near the bookstore where I worked. Since the cafe is closed now, I'm fortunate to be able to make this delicious drink for myself and my kids. 

Autumn = Halloween.

For me, that is. Anyone who knows me understands I have a passion for the otherworldly and supernatural. I've been obsessed with ghosts since growing up in my grandmother's haunted house. Tales of cryptids intrigue me. Stories of vampires, witches and werewolves thrill me. I considered quite seriously as a teenager of becoming a parapsychologist or ghost hunter, but I was afraid that wouldn't pay my mortgage when I grew up. Although, I still keep that open as an option for a hobby.

Haunted hayrides and corn mazes are fun things to do with the kids. I take my children to as many free festivals as I can find where they can pick their own pumpkins and paint them. We usually get at least two large pumpkins at home where we carve them into jack-o-lanterns.

Because of my ghostly passion, my kids and I have already visited every haunted site in the county where we live, but during the month of October, we re-visit some places. Last year, I took some of my teenager's friends with us on an excursion to a haunted road nearby where it's said a woman appears who is searching for her killer. We didn't see anything, but it was fun telling the kids ghost stories while driving along an eerie forest road. 

When I was a teenager, most television shows about the supernatural would air during October. I'm fortunate to live in a world where the supernatural is a hot topic for discussion. There are countless movies, documentaries and reality TV shows available to view all year long! But, in October, we always make more of an effort to watch the spooky specials and the ghost hunting shows. We have a lot of fun with it.

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Falling for Shifters! #PreOrder Now! #PNR #ShifterRomance


Fall in love with shapeshifters in the autumn!

While the air turns colder, the leaves start to fall, and the world prepares for winter, these shifters are busy finding their mates a falling in love.

More than 20 amazing shapeshifter stories from the hottest New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors to keep you warm this fall!

Fans of Lisa Ladew, Dannika Dark, Milly Taiden, and Terry Bolryder will adore these paranormal and fantasy tales of what shifters do when it gets a little chilly outside.

Falling for Shifters features stories by:

Lacey Carter Andersen
Thea Atkinson
Margo Bond Collins
Elizabeth Dunlap
Niobe Marsh
Kat Parrish
Zoey Xolton
Sapphire Winters
Tiegan Clyne
Meghyn King
Ashley Amy
M.T. Finnberg
Arya Karin
Elvira Bathory
Samantha Bell
S. Cinders
J.E. Cluney
J.A. Cummings
Godiva Glenn
Lillia Hunter
Erin Lee
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Michelle Mcloughney
Sharon Rose Mayes
Becky Murray
Krystal Pena
Athena Phoenix
Amy Proebstel
Tricia Schneider
D.A. Stein
Ella Stone
Rita Stradling
Laurie Treacy
J.P. Uvalle
Stephany Wallace
Star Wing

Untamed Desires #KindleUnlimited #Romance #BookFair


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Happily Ever After #BookFair #RomanceBooks #FREE


Happily Ever After

Romance with a Guaranteed HEA and Any Heat Level

FREE in September!


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Finding Vocab Words in Novels #LongandShortReviews #BlogChalleng

This week's topic: Book with the most words I had to look up

I don't find the need to look up words in books often these days, but there was a time when I did. I think it was 9th grade Enlish class. My teacher, Mr. Palamar, gave us reading assignments. We were allowed to read a book of our choosing, but we had to list words we didn't know and their definitions as we read the book.

Out of the many books I read that year, I remember the most I had to look up was from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. It was one of the first times, if I recall correctly, that I chose to read a classic novel on my own instead of having it as required reading for English class.

The reason I chose it? The Three Musketeers was made into a film that year starring Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Oliver Platt, Chris O'Donnell, Tim Curry and Rebecca De Mornay. I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. Because, let's face it. Books are almost always better than the movies!

Swashbuckling novel, filled with high adventure, royal intrigue and romance, relates the escapades of D’Artagnan and his three friends—Athos, Porthos and Aramis—and their involvement in the secret plots of Cardinal Richelieu and his beautiful but treacherous spy, Lady de Winter.

I'm so glad I chose this book! The Three Musketeers was an adventure I had not been expecting, filled with suspense, intrigue, twists and turns. I was hooked! Shortly after, I got a copy of The Man in the Iron Mask and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Who knew these old classics could be so adventurous and fun?

It was quite a thick book compared to some others I'd read at that time, so I guess that accounted for the increase in vocabulary words I added to my list. Also, out of all the books I read that year, The Three Musketeers was my favorite!

Nowadays, I don't have to look up as many words while I'm reading novels. Mostly, when I feel the need to look things up, its the modern day language that baffles me. I cannot tell you how long it took me to figure out what ROFL meant!!

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I Can Talk Forever About These... #LongandShortReviews #BlogChallenge

This week's topic: Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About

I may be an introvert, but there are times when I can talk nonstop to complete strangers. My kids learned that early on. Often times when I take them to the grocery store, I'd start chatting with someone in the check-out line.\

After leaving, my kids would ask me, "Who was that?"

"I don't know," I'd say, shrugging my shoulders. "Just someone in line."

Let me tell you, it was difficult to explain stranger danger to my children when I'd start having in-depth conversations with people I'd never before met.

Topics of discussion?

Pregnancy, Babies, Children & Teenagers

Every mother I've met has a pregnancy story they like to share. I'm a mother of four. I had my first three babies within 4 years and my fourth baby 4 years later. Each pregnancy was different, each baby behaved differently, and now as my oldest two are 14 and nearly 13, I'm learning that teenagers are a new experience quite different from babies! I've discovered over the years that parents love nothing more than to talk about their children. I can seriously talk for hours about my kids.


This one is closely related to babies. You can find a stranger who has a pet and I guarantee, they'll tell you all about how their beloved pet came into their lives, how they feed them, how they sleep, how much they cuddle and play. Yep. Our furbabies hold special places in our hearts. I had two dogs growing up and as an adult, I've had three cats. As much as I love my cats, I'm a dog person at heart and I'm looking for a pup to come into my life. I have all sorts of pet stories that I can share with other pet lovers. I also volunteered for an animal rehabilitation center when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, so I have other animal-related stories, too.



What can I say? I'm a writer and a reader. I can talk about books all day. Add to that, in my previous life I worked as a bookseller for over a decade. It was my job to talk about books! I can strike up a conversation with a stranger about any kind of book whether it's romance, horror, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi or any of the many types of nonfiction. I'm an avid reader and I love learning. I love reading recommendations, too! I've discovered many of my favorite authors because of bookstore customers telling me about their favorite books. I discovered Kelley Armstrong, Lynn Kurland, and Janet Evanovich by talking with customers, just to name a few!

11918 50718 6853

History & Genealogy

History Lover? Count me in! I like to think of myself as an amateur historian and genealogist. I've researched my family history back to the 1300s in Germany as well as my Native American ancestors. I can talk about visiting graveyards and cemeteries to locate members of my family that are buried throughout the state where I live. Plus, the stories I learned of my European ancestors immigrating to the New World. Yes, aside from the Native American Indian branch in my family tree, my German, Irish, English and French ancestors arrived before the United States was born. I also discovered that my family nearly didn't survive. One of my direct ancestors, a great, great (so many greats!) grandmother was one of only two surviving children in a massacre that occurred not far from where I live in 1755.

Aside from a love of family history, I'm also a history lover in general. My first love was all things Native American Indian, especially the Eastern Indians of Pennsylvania, like the Lenape. But my interest soon spread to other tribes throughout the region and the rest of the country. Also, I have a strong fascination for Regency England thanks to authors like Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. And I also have a strong interest in Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Medieval Europe, Vikings, Pirates, oh, you name it. If it's historical, I love it and will gladly have an endless discussion about it.


I'm not talking about the TV show, but now that I mention it, yes, I can talk forever about that, too! I'm talking about all things spooky! I have a deep fascination with the supernatural. From ghosts to vampires, witches to werewolves, UFO's to cryptids. Send me the mysteries of the planet, as well as the Universe, and I can talk forever about it. I've read countless books (far beyond dozens!) concerning the paranormal. I grew up a haunted house where I had dreams of dead people, and now I live in a house where a murder occurred over fifty years ago. Yes, I believe my house is haunted. I've experienced some things I cannot explain. And do I love talking about it? Yes. I. Do.

One of my favorite times of year is Halloween! Of course, I live my life like Halloween is all year long. I joined a paranormal discussion group that one of my friends started. This week we're talking about Earth Angels! This topic is new to me, so I'm eager to talk with the other members about this.


I'm a fan of many fandoms! As mentioned above, Supernatural is one of my all-time favorite TV shows! I cried when they announced they're ending the show with Season 15. I seriously want that show to continue on forever. What am I going to do without Sam and Dean? And Castiel? I mean, come on! I don't even know how I lived for so long without them!

Among Supernatural, I'm also a super fan of Doctor Who. My first Doctor was Tom Baker. The guy with the scarf, as I used to call him. My uncle introduced him to me back in the late '80s. But it wasn't until the reboot took place that I truly called myself a fan. I got sucked into the show and binge-watched until I caught up with Matt Smith. Now, I'm among the other fans, taking the long way with new episodes being stretched apart for months.

Then there's Farscape, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek: The Original, Star Trek: The Next Generation, (okay, let's just say I'm a Star Trek fan since there's so many shows and I'm losing patience in adding them all because I'm writing this over my lunch break and I have to get back to homeschooling my kids!), Sherlock, Dark Shadows (the 1960's version). I feel like I'm forgetting something. Let's just say I'm a fan of many fandoms and let's leave it at that. Mmm'kay?

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NEW RELEASE! Stolen and Seduced #alienabduction #scifiromance

These sexy aliens will stop at nothing to claim their mates—including abducting them!

When hot, hunky aliens need to find a mate, they know right where to look: Earth. But let’s face it, not all Earth girls are easy. We prefer our guys—even our alien guys—to put in some serious effort. Good thing human men make it easy for them.

Don't miss your chance to binge-read this burning-hot collection of alien abduction-turned-seduction tales by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Ruby Dixon, Linnea Sinclair, Laurann Dohner, and Evangeline Anderson will adore this collection of over 25 short alien abduction romances.

Grab it now for exciting aliens and their human captives!

My novella, Her Alien Kiss, will be part of the new Her Alien Temptation series. This is a steamy series about aliens who find their mates on Earth and the women who tame them.

Her Alien Kiss

Aliens abduct Lena, the daughter of the President of the United Nations of Earth, to blackmail her father into giving them weapons to defeat the deadly warriors ravaging their home planet. Lena is trapped with another prisoner and together they plan a daring escape. But can the enemy of her enemy be her friend? Lena is forced to decide. Trust her father to send rescue or trust the alluring alien captive to help her escape. Can she make it back to Earth alive and with her heart intact?

This alien romance anthology features stories by:

Christine Pope
Piper Fox
Margo Bond Collins
Skye MacKinnon
Ashlyn Hawkes
Jade Waltz
Lucee Joie
Emma Cole
Sadie Marks
Ella Maven
Maggie Alabaster
Cass Alex
Luna Wren
Ashley Amy
Quirah Casey
Libby Campbell
Tiegan Clyne
Luna Jade
Neveah Lux
Michelle Mcloughney
E.J. Powell
Eva Priest
Ava Ross
Tricia Schneider
Aria Starling
Dany Stone
Star Wing
Edeline Wrigh
Lexi Velvet

Also, be sure to check out the We Love Alien Romance Facebook Group where the authors and readers are celebrating our release! 

Giveaways and tons of prizes!