Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working at the Bookstore

As some of you may know, I work in a bookstore. I've worked my way up the corporate ladder, so to speak, going from temporary seasonal clerk, to part-time bookseller, to full-time bookseller, and finally to Assistant Manager. I stopped there. Although I was offered management at another store several times, I couldn't bear to leave where I was so happy. Since I've had my kids, I've given up my full-time job to work part-time again. I'd do it again in a heartbeat because my kids deserve everything I have to give them. But I must admit, I do miss working more hours at the store.

Selling books is truly fun for me. Reading has been my passion since Dr. Seuss and I love that I can help other people find the books they want to read. I enjoy keeping up with the book business, knowing what's hot and what's not.

Having personal contact with customers is exciting. Each person is unique. And, yes, some of them are a real pain at times! But that's part of the retail business, as well. My fellow booksellers and I joke about the customers who come to us and ask, "I was here last week and I saw a red book in the front of the store but it's not there now. I don't remember the title or the author. Can you help me find it?"

Given such specific information, how can we miss? Shockingly, most times we can find it. For me, I get to use my investigative skills as I sniff out that elusive book and the author's name that remains a mystery to our dear customer. I'm always happy to see the surprise and delight on our customer's face as I place that book in their hands.

I'm working more hours this week than I have in the past three years. It's given me a sense of homesickness. After all, the bookstore is like a second home to me. Even if I wasn't working there, I'd be there shopping!

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