Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Son's Birthday

My youngest son turned two yesterday! It's really amazing how quickly time flys. Was it really two years ago that I had tears in my eyes while my husband drove me to the hospital for my scheduled c-section? I can still remember so clearly the first time my oldest son met his brother for the first time in the hospital. In fact, I have a picture of that first meeting. The look of wonder as he gazed over the sleeping baby was simply priceless. A perfect moment shared by his mother and his father, who had lifted him up so he could see the newest member of our family.

And now my baby is 2! And he's talking! Full sentences. It's seems like overnight he went from making grunting noises and hand gestures to communicating with complete sentences! I shake my head sometimes to re-adjust my image of him. I have to remind myself daily that he's a toddler now, a little boy, a baby no longer. Well, of course, as all mothers should know my boys will always be my babies. But, you get the idea.

He had a blast at his birthday party even if some of his friends couldn't be here because of the sniffles. Seems this is a sorry time for birthday parties since it's flu season as well. But he didn't seem to mind so much. He still had alot of fun, even being generous enough to allow his older brother to boss him around a bit and even take over opening presents, too! They're so close in age, some people mistake them for twins, and they play with all the same toys that I can't even distinguish what belongs to whom. As long as they don't mind, I guess its fine. I figure I'll have a few years of peace until it begins with no, that's mine! Okay, maybe a few months.

So now my busy days of getting ready for his party are over. Life can get back to normal. Instead of scouring the house at night looking for scotch tape to wrap his presents, I can use that time to get back to my writing. Huh, like now!

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