Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interview at Once Written, Twice Shy

Have you ever met a shy writer? Someone who avoids the spotlight? You know, a person who is much more comfortable blending in with the background instead of jumping into the fray of conversation?

"Well, hello!" [waving a virtual hand in greeting]

Yes, I am a recovering introvert. I've been interviewed today about my introvert tendencies at Once Written, Twice Shy. Stop by and learn how I handle being a shy writer (and bookseller!) and my method for overcoming it.

This blog is a fantastic learning experience, by the way. It is a comfort to discover that I'm not the only shy author out there! I enjoy reading the posts and interviews with other authors. While you're there reading my interview [wink], definitely take the time to read the others. I'm not alone with my bravery in stepping out of my comfort zones! :)

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