Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Family of Witches

When I first began writing The Witch and the Wolf, it never occurred to me that I might have the start of a series. It was a short story. A paranormal romance about a witch and a werewolf. I wrote it within a week, edited the next week and entered it in a contest a friend of mine suggested I try.  While I didn't win the contest, my story did get the attention of the editors who asked that I re-submit it as a regular submission. Shortly later, they sent me a contract.

During the editing process, I got to thinking about the heroine's sister who played a small role in the story. Their evil uncle was searching for them. Did he catch her, or did she get away? So, I wrote another short story to find out; a sequel called The Witch and the Vampire. That one was really fun! I loved writing it.

That's where I stopped. I was finished with the Merriweather sisters.

Or so I thought...

I moved on to other projects. Mostly novels and short stories that were half-finished. I submitted a few, gathered some rejections and went back to work. All the while, I kept thinking about those Merriweather sisters. They intrigued me. I already knew they were orphans, raised by their aunt and sent to live with their uncle. But what else did I know about them?

The more I thought about them, the more interested I became. What was their family like? Who else had a story to tell? What exactly happened to their parents?

And then, Basil Merriweather was born. Actually, he's the eldest sibling. Lillian and Melora needed an older, responsible brother who would be outraged that their uncle was treating his younger sisters so unfairly. But he's been away from England for a while, so that's why his story is third; The Witch's Thief (release date to-be-announced). Basil's story reveals the rest of the Merriweather siblings, all witches with their own unique magickal skills and all with very interesting stories to tell. The family is a fairly large one, seven in all.

So far....

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