Monday, November 7, 2016

Need a Little Magic in Your Romance? #BookBrew #pnr #fantasy #giveaway

I've joined a group of stunning authors at Coffee Time Romance's Book Brew this month to talk about magical romances. Romantic tales full of werwolves, witches, vampires, demons, faeries and shifters. Authors are sharing excerpts and some behind-the-scenes fun!

I think I might've seen a mummy over there, too!

Hurry up and join us! Readers, be sure to comment on the posts for a chance to win gift baskets filled with magical books! My Regency paranormal romance, The Witch and the Vampire, is in one of those baskets! You could win!

Read the excerpts for 

Need a little magic in your romance? Love shifters, faeries, vampires, demons and gods? Join fourteen paranormal and fantasy romance authors at CoffeeTime's Book Brew with the Coffee Crew for Faerie Tales and Fantasy. Discover new books and possibly win them too.

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