Friday, April 28, 2017

Travel Dreams #MFRWauthor #BlogChallenge

This week I'm answering Marketing For Romance Writer's 52 Week Blog Challenge. The challenge began in January, but I'm just joining in now. This week's topic is:  

Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit


I've visited Bamberg, Germany several years ago, and I completely fell in love with the history, customs, and people who live there. It was an adventure unlike any other I've experienced (including my first time ever in an airplane!). I've written about my experiences in Germany before, including a bit about the summer palace home of Marie Antoinette. And I've been dreaming of going back ever since!

Anywhere, but especially London, England


I'm not sure when it happened, or how exactly, but I've discovered recently that I'm an Anglophile. Maybe it was when I fell in love with Jane Austen's novels spurring me to research everything and anything about the Regency era in England. Or it could be when I first watched Top Gear for the first time, discovering many differences between England in America from the cars to the language. Or, it could be when I first watched a movie featuring Colin Firth. Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that I love England and I've never even set foot there.

I've been researching British history for years and have even set my Regency paranormal romance The Merriweather Witches series in  England. One of my travel dreams is to walk along the same streets in London that my characters have walked. Even if its the present day and not in the Regency era. I just want to be there!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Okay, here's another one. I've visited here several years ago, before Katrina hit. My husband (then boyfriend) and a bunch of our friends drove 19 hours to spend a week in New Orleans. We partied on Bourbon Street, visited a haunted graveyard, boarded a ferry crossing the mighty Mississippi River, and took a tour of the swamp where the crocodiles followed our boat. It was another great adventure that I want to experience again. And there's so much that we didn't get a chance to do, like visit more haunted locations, so I want to go back to check off that on my to-do list.

Rome, Italy

Here's another location that any history lover would be thrilled to explore. The central heart of the Roman Empire. Not only do I want to visit all of the historic sights, but I'd love to learn the Italian language. There's something so enchanting and romantic about this language. Plus, I have some Italian friends who are in desperate need of a vacation. It would be great for us to travel together in a group to explore the home of their ancestors!

Paris, France

Do you sense a historic theme to my choices? I really should just include all of Europe in my travel dreams, because if I want to be honest, I dream of visiting all of the European countries. I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris and visit the Louvre. Here's a list of things to do in Paris that I'd enjoy checking of my list!

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Happy Traveling!


  1. I forgot about Germany. I have relatives there. Love your list.

  2. My daughter studied German in high school and has wanted to visit there ever sense. New Orleans is fun, would love to go back some day.

  3. The UK and Germany (where my roots are) are on my list also. I love visiting places with rich histories.

  4. Another Top Gear fan! Germany is one of my choices as well, but it didn't make the cut for my post :D

  5. These are some great choices Tricia. I'd love to go to Japan.