Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Writing Blues #AuthorUpdate #amwriting

Summer is in full swing! Many of you are currently on vacation or have plans for a nice summer escape whether its traveling somewhere or staying at home to simply turn the pages of a good book. Or maybe both!

My favorite part of summer is lounging outside on a comfy porch swing and reading the day away. Honestly, though, I haven't had much opportunity for such luxuries. My kids are keeping me rather busy this summer. Busier than most other summers.

And, oh, how my writing has suffered as a result! I barely wrote a word for the entire month of June! It's been constant chaos and noise (varying from laughter to crying, depending on which of my  children are getting along and which are fighting). I have 4 children (ages 2, 6, 9, & 11). Then there's swimming lessons, kid's craft workshops, Scouting activities, trips to the library and local museums and summer camps. I'm also working with my oldest this summer to prepare him for the upcoming school year. Last year, he struggled with his grades and I don't want him to suffer the summer slide that the teachers tell me often happens to students during vacation.

Needless to say, my typical writing during the baby's nap time schedule has gone with the summer wind. I resorted to writing at night again, after the kids go to bed, but I continue to struggle with this time frame since I tend to fall asleep early. Really, I love them dearly, but my kids exhaust me! Since writing at night isn't working to my liking, my next option is negotiating with them.

Maybe this will work...

"If Mommy doesn't get any writing time, 
then kids don't get any PlayStation time."

I haven't dared implement this...yet. It's my secret weapon. I'm still trying to figure out which part of the day I'm going to squeeze in a writing hour or two before I make my demands.

Also, to encourage me to buckle down and make this work, I've joined Camp NaNo. With the summer Nano, I can choose my own word count goal to suit my needs and change it as I see fit. I can also choose my own type of writing project. I've started a new novel. Realistically, I know that I won't be able to churn out 50k so I've shaved that in half for a goal of 25k this month. I'm hoping that will give me a nice chunk to begin and I can continue on in August.

I did well enough last week. This week, I've faltered. The Summer Writing Blues hit.

No time. No quiet. No escape. 

However, I know I won't give up. I've tried to in the past, it just doesn't stick. So, I'll figure it out. It might take me all summer, but I'll find my precious writing time. Even if I have to resort taking 5 to 15 minute sprints I used to write when my two oldest boys were toddlers.

I'll make it work. 

That's what writers do. 

Happy Reading!

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