Thursday, December 17, 2015

Escaping Christmas by Lisa DeVore #25daysofbooks

This year I'm counting down the days 'til Christmas with books and other fun things readers enjoy! I love the Holiday Season so I'm sharing ideas for you to fill your holiday stocking!

Escaping Christmas by Lisa DeVore

Author, Alexandra Storm, escaped to the mountains of Colorado to avoid everything about Christmas, including her ex-boyfriend. He dumped her on Christmas Eve two years ago, and the holiday has haunted her since. Her plan is to write her way through the dreaded Christmas cheer.

But, she didn't expect her new landlord, Zach Camden, to be a hunky savior on a snowmobile. After learning of her aversion to the holiday, he vows to give Christmas back to her. The attraction is undeniable, but she doesn’t need another failed romance. And she most definitely doesn’t need a reunion with her ex, or the escalating threats from an unknown enemy.

As the danger increases, will she survive the season and allow love to restore her holiday spirit?


Goosebumps covered her body as she toweled off. The silence was creepy. She pulled the nightshirt over her head and stopped, putting an ear to the bathroom door. She swore a creaking sound came from the front of the suite. Must have been a door above her closing. She finished dressing and hung the towel on the rod. Alex opened the door and noticed the room was dim. She didn’t remember shutting the light off. Her instincts were warning her something was wrong, but all Owen’s talk about danger probably had her paranoid. She had checked the lock on the door before going for her bath…hadn’t she?

Something wasn’t right. Alex walked slowly down the hallway to the living room, struggling to see in the dim light. She strained to hear, moving toward the kitchen. She needed a weapon. She had no time to react to the gloved hand that covered her mouth. Alex slammed violently into someone’s stone hard chest.

“Listen carefully,” a menacing voice growled in her ear. “Finish your book and stay away from Owen Banks. He’s off limits to you, so don’t even think about a reunion. If he comes sniffing around again, you better convince him you’re through. And if you say one word about his marriage, a lot of people are going to get hurt. We’ll start with your boyfriend. You do get around, don’t you, Miss Storm? Are we clear on what’s expected of you?”

Alex nodded, biting down on her lip like the nervous child she used to be. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing. Fear was at the forefront, but she was desperately trying to remember the voice. She swore she recognized the voice.

Happy Holidays!

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