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#BookReview: Not2Nite by Barbara Burke #WWII #HistoricalRomance #TWRP

Not2Nite by Barbara   Burke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When ARP warden Molly sees a light shining through the darkness of London on a cold winter's night in the middle of the blitz she's infuriated with the careless American who struck it. Doesn't he know there's a war on?

Guy's just trying to find his way through a maze of unlit streets. He's very sorry and Molly reluctantly forgives him. When he accompanies her on her nightly rounds the two learn about each other, themselves and whether it's really possible to fall in love in only one night - especially when there's no guarantee of tomorrow.

Kindle Edition, 105 pages
Published February 8th 2016 by The Wild Rose Press 
My Review:

This is a WWII era romance, set in London during the Blitz of 1941. Molly is an Air Raid Precautions warden. Her job is to look out for enemy aircraft so she can alert the neighborhood of danger and help people find safety during air raids. During the night, London enforces blackouts to make it more difficult for enemy bombers to find their targets. Molly meets Guy, a visiting American, as he is lost among the darkened city streets and lights a match to see his way. Guy is intrigued by Molly and finds every excuse to spend more time with her, even accompanying her on her lookout for the night. During their night atop a roof they learn a lot about each other and by the next morning they promise to meet again in four days. Meanwhile, Guy heads to Leicester in search of his uncle, whom his mother wants to return with him to America. When Guy returns to London four days later, he finds…. Well, I won't tell you what he finds. I don't like spoilers!

What I can tell you is that this is a charming and sweet romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is a story about love at first sight. The characters were well-rounded and likeable. The dialogue between the couple was flirty, engaging and witty. There are historical details woven throughout giving the reader an interesting glimpse of life in London during the Blitz. Not2Nite was filled with a range of emotions that kept me turning the pages with eager anticipation of the happily-ever-after these two characters deserved. Also, I enjoyed reading about Molly's cousin. I loved her spunkiness. I'd like to see her in a story of her own one day.

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  1. Thanks, Tricia. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Charlotte may well get a story of her own one day. I agree with you - she deserves it.