Sunday, November 20, 2016

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I'm half-way through writing my current work-in-progress, Loving Boone. This is my National Novel

Writing Month project. The goal for NaNoWriMo writers is to finish a 50,000 word rough draft
during the month of November.

I've been posting my progress in snippets for Weekend Writing Warriors to help encourage me and others to finish the novel. For me, this is a daunting task considering my four children keep me busy 24/7. I've been lucky enough this week to have the opportunity to write 2k a day during the 1-hour nap time of my 18-month old son while the older kids are at school.

If I can keep that schedule up, I'll have no worries about finishing on time. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Loving Boone is a New Adult Paranormal Romance with a shapeshifter hero. You can read the other snippets I've posted this month about Boone and Beth-Ann at Going Home and To Meet Again

“No one will hurt you here.”  

“Not anymore?”

She flinched. 

It was as if she gazed into a stranger’s face expecting to see the boy she remembered. Boone might look the same in appearance with his dark skin and black hair, but his eyes had changed. His soul had changed. He’d been wounded in ways she couldn’t comprehend.

And, he had it right, despite her beliefs that her father wouldn’t kill him. Her father had already inflicted injuries on him that might’ve killed a normal human.
But, Boone wasn’t human, was he?

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  1. Such an interesting story and so true that his eyes would reflect all the many things that had happened to him, great detail there.

  2. Great snippet and one hell of an ending. Great job!

  3. You hint at a wealth of conflicts that intrigue me.

  4. You go, Tricia--doing a great job at NaNo during nap time!
    So, Boone is not human, but he feels pain. Our heroine knows him from before, and he's grown. Interesting.

  5. Eyes. They tell so much. Great snippet. Your last line left me intrigued.

  6. That snippet has me hooked. What is he?