Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Lies Beyond in the Demimonde…

I want to introduce a very special guest, author Ash Krafton. I've known Ash for a while now and I'm super-excited that her debut book, BLEEDING HEARTS, has finally been released. So, please, help me give her a warm welcome! And read on to learn how to win some cool prizes!

Today is the last stop on my first virtual book tour. Over the past four weeks, I've visited nearly two dozen authors and bloggers to share excerpts, guest posts, and giveaways. I've even received a few reviews for BLEEDING HEARTS…and I've decided that reviews are my newest obsession. It's not so much the "star power"—although I do love those stars—but every time I read a review it kind of blows my mind to think someone read my book and thought about it long enough to actually tell someone about it.

I know being read by others was the whole purpose of seeking publication in the first place…but wow. I even had a crazy intense discussion about the story with one of the guys I work with—it's totally a guy book, he said, and proceeded to tell me all these awesome things he wished could happen next. All the while I'm thinking, It's a guy book, too! Squee!

Now that the tour is just about over and the thrill of my first release is starting to fade, I guess it's time to think of what will lie ahead. Trouble is, I spent so many years writing and perfecting this book, then learning how to market it, that I really didn't give much thought to what happens once the book comes out.

Luckily, I have an editor to think for me. :)

At the end of May, I'll be heading down to the Baltimore area to attend Balticon, a science fiction and fantasy convention. My editors are attending and invited me along…so it's going to be a stiletto-fest with some books thrown in for good measure. I haven't heard if I get to sit in for any panels yet but it would be awesome to do it! Most of all, I'm looking forward to face time and hugs from the team of editors who made BLEEDING HEARTS come to life.

Pink Narcissus Press will be handling the next two books of the Demimonde…and my editor is eager to get to work! Getting book two into shape is my biggest priority now so I guess I'll have to cut down on refreshing my Goodreads page so often or fooling around on Twitter.

Book two, BLOOD RUSH,  expands on the role of the Weres and the mythology of the Sophias, the oracles of the demivampires. A Sophia is a spiritual healer who helps to undo the soul-damage that cause demivamps to evolve into vampire. Our heroine, Sophie Galen, is a loner with no one to teach her what to do with her power so you can imagine what a relief it is when a mentor shows up. (And by “relief” I sarcastically mean “disaster”.)

The sequel is anticipated next March. Keep your fingers crossed for me—I'm unaccustomed to serious deadlines. I've gotten pretty laid-back in my old age. (Just ask Tricia…I should have gotten this article to her ages ago. :) )

I also hope to settle back into my old routine—writing in the mornings, blogging for QueryTracker a few times a month, and dragging my sorry hind end to the day job because Surprise! Writers don't get rich and famous overnight! I'm actually grateful for my day job because it's my substitute for a social life. Otherwise, I'd lock myself in my writing cave and only come out for snacks and to watch Castle or Game of Thrones on the DVR. (Oh, and laundry. I'm the queen of laundry.)

With any luck, life will return to normal soon, and the only thing that will be different is the book on my desk—because once upon last year or so, it was still no more than a file in my computer and a dream in my heart.

You can have my book on your desk, too—or even your ereader, if that's how you like it! Simply leave a comment and share YOUR writing goals with us…and Tricia will pick someone to receive an ebook of BLEEDING HEARTS.

Also, you are all invited to enter to win the Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour grand prize…the gift basket gets heavier by the day! Details and entry form can be found in the Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour schedule on my page. I hope you'll check out some of the other stops along the tour—I've been blessed with a fantastic group of hosts and I really had the time of my life on this book tour.

But now…it's soon back to the red pen and highlighters and the draft of BLOOD RUSH!


  1. Congratulations on the tour and book! I don't have any writing plans.


  2. Thanks...and good point! Maybe we should include reading plans, too, since reading and writing go hand in hand...

    Cheers, Ash