Thursday, January 4, 2018

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Week 1"Favorite thing I've written, and why"

I've heard many authors say that their favorite book is the one they're currently writing. Before I became published, I couldn't understand how they could feel that way. I cherished each story I wrote. How could I possibly pick a favorite among them?

After being published for 8 years now, I understand better. A writer continues to learn her craft and grow with each written word. The skill of the author grows with each book, so the newest book should be the best book. Which could explain why the story they're currently writing is their favorite.

Not to mention that the book that is currently being written is the one that is uppermost in the author's mind. Those characters are the people the author is most involved with at that moment. Everything is new and fresh and exciting. Writing a new book is like riding a roller coaster. It's a thrilling whirlwind ride filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, you're not even sure if you'll make it to the end. But, when you do, its a relief and your're proud that you survived it!

Because I'm a complicated person, I have more than one favorite book that I wrote.

The Witch and the Wolf will always be a favorite because it was the first book I published. I sent it in to the Wild Rose Press for a submission call they had posted for an anthology. They didn't accept it for the anthology, but the editor who read it liked it enough to offer me a contract as a regular submission. My first book published! I still remember reading the email and dancing with my two little boys in the dining room.

And, of course, my current favorite is the book that I'm working on right now. It's tentatively titled, Into the Dark. I've been working on this one for a long while. Its been a difficult journey because it took a while for all of the pieces to come together, but finally everything is falling into place. I'm pleased to say that an editor has requested this one on proposal so I'm eager to finish it and sent it out!

Another favorite is the very first book that I ever wrote that to this day still remains untitled and hidden in a box under my bed. It came from a vivid dream one summer when I was 15. I wrote the dream into a notebook, but even after that the people and places I'd seen remained in my mind all day long. Soon, I was scribbling more notes and scenes about the dream. Eventually, it blossomed into a 50,000 word novel that I wrote in one week! This is the book that made me begin to study the writing craft and take classes and workshops. I fell in love with writing because of this one. I still think of going back and trying to re-work it into something I might publish one day.

My favorite book with a vampire is The Witch and the Vampire because I simply love Sebastian Collins. Vampires are such fun to write and I plan to work with more soon.

And, of course, my newest favorite is To Kiss a Pirate which is a short story in Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly anthology. I'm excited to be involved in an anthology with so many outstanding authors and I can't wait to read everyone's stories!

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  1. Love the cover of the Pirate antho! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for a release date:)

    1. I love the cover, too! We just got the notification a few days ago that the book will be released on February 27, 2018. It's available for pre-order now! :)

    2. I agree about the cover, Tricia.

  2. Choosing just one is impossible, isn't it?

  3. It's hard to decide what sounds more interesting. The Witch and the Wolf or the pirate anthology.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Tricia. Your novel choices sound interesting and can tell why you chose them as your favorites. I absolutely LOVED Waldenbooks! So sad that it is gone now :(

    1. Thanks for you comment! I miss Waldenbooks, too. I know a lot of people who do.

  5. Love the covers! I also like the diversity. It was awesome how you got published!! Good luck in the future