Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sign-up for A Very Paranormal Holidays Blog Hop!

Kallysten and I are at it again! Everyone had such fun and success with our summer blog hop that we decided to get together to host another for the winter. This time we've got a blog hop arranged just in time for the Holidays!


Join us in celebrating our love for the paranormal by sharing prizes with our readers for the holidays! With the help of all who join, this blog hop has a fantastic GRAND PRIZE available! This event takes place December 15-30 giving readers lots of time to read your blogs and enter for a chance to win those giveaways!

I've included the info here, but you can also visit the page Kallysten set up for A Very Paranormal Holidays Blog Hop to sign-up.

Do your heroes and heroines have fangs or fur... or fins? Do they play with magic or forces that aren't quite part of the real world? Do you like to dwell on the paranormal side of things? And most importantly, do you want to offer a lucky reader (or more!) a pretty awesome prize for the holidays? Then keep reading for the rules!

This hop will have the usual prizes on each individual blog but also a 'big prize' in the form of a Kindle Fire device. Which device exactly will depend on how many participants we get. Depending on the amount of $$ gathered, we'll either have a more expensive model or two kindles/winners. We'll announce it when the sign-up period ends.

*** A very important rule is that a contribution of $5 (US $)  toward buying the prize(s) is MANDATORY for all blog owners participating. Tricia and Kallysten will cover the remaining amount after the contributions are in. The contribution MUST be in by the time the sign-ups end. (Authors, remember you may be entitled to claim this on your taxes as part of your expenses for publicity.)
Contributions can be made through Paypal to kally@kallysten.net. Please note: make sure you choose 'I'm sending money to family or friends' to minimize fees, and/or when given the option choose to pay the fee yourself. 50 cents is not much if it's once, but if I had to pay the fees from everyone on top of my own contribution that'd be more than I can afford to spend.
Want to participate but don't have Paypal? Email me at kally@kallysten.net and we'll think of something.

If your name/email on Paypal is different from your writing name, be sure to shoot me an email so I can match authors/bloggers and contributions.

*** Add your link to the list at the bottom of this post. Include INT or US by your name to let hoppers know if your individual giveaway is for the US only or International.

*** Copy this code and post the hop badge on your blog's sidebar.

*** On December 15th, publish your hop post. It can be anything you want. An excerpt, a post about why you like reading/writing stories about paranormal, a list of your favorite paranormal movies or books, anything you want as long as it fits our paranormal theme. And of course, include a giveaway! The post MUST be live by 10am Eastern on December 15th. I won't delete links since everyone participating contributes to the big prize, but if you don't have a post for the hop there will be a mention in the list of links about it. I'll send the code for the links list when the sign ups close.

*** We are open to M/F, M/M and any combination thereof. The giveaway starts December 15th and ends December 30th, 2013.

*** You are responsible for your own giveaway. That includes running it, providing the prizes and contacting the winners afterwards.

*** The winner(s) for the big prize will be chosen with a Rafflecopter form. The form will have entries to be earned from every participating blog. You get to decide what people need to do to get your entry: like your FB page, follow you on twitter, type in a code word you provide on your blog, etc. Just let me know through email. I'll contact you if you forget to tell me.

  1. sign up here
  2. add the banner to your blog
  3. send in your contribution
  4. tell me what Rafflecopter option you want
  5. make your hop post
  6. pat yourself on the back!

Interested? Sign ups are available at The Very Paranormal Holiday Blog Hop.We hope you'll join us!

And readers...mark your calendars and check back with us in December for some great giveaways!

Happy Reading!


  1. I think my genre is more fantasy than paranormal, but otherwise I'd join!

    1. Ash Krafton hosted a fantasy blog hop not long ago. You might be interested in that when she puts another one together. :) http://ash-krafton.blogspot.com/