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Book Review: Stranger at the Hell Gate by @AshKrafton #Angels #Demons #paranormalromance #bookreview

Stranger at the Hell Gate by Ash Krafton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jagger Sintallon, a half-demon warrior, has dedicated his existence to fighting demons who enter the world through Hell gates. A loner of conflicting ideals, he offers shelter to a troubled woman but knows he is too rough, too dangerous, and too cocky for her delicate nature.

Dedicated to Divine Will, Sonya Camael, a Seraph, is determined to discover why she is drawn to Jagger's doorstep and the reason behind her mission. She needs the demon's help but fears he may get himself killed before she can figure it out and the world slips into Hell's dominion.

Sonya faces grave danger with evil stalking her every move, and Jagger shouldn't care but realizes he cares more than he'd likely admit. Sonya knows Jagger cannot win this war alone, but will her divine intervention mean his imminent end? Or will just the right combination of Heaven and Hell set the world right once again?

Kindle Edition, 72 pages

Published March 25th 2013 by The Wild Rose Press, Black Rose

My Review:
This was a short, sweet romance between two sensual supernatural creatures. I was swept into the world of humans, demons and angels right from the start. Sonya is a Seraph seeking help from half-demon Jagger. Their world is gritty, harsh and painful, but there is beauty and hope, too. Because this was a short story, I don't want to give too much away about the plot. The characters were believable and well-written. I liked how the chapters were brief and split between Angels and Demons. This made it easy for me to slip back into this world when I had to step away from the book for a quick moment (I have kids who demand this attention all of the time!). As with her other books, I enjoy reading this author's writing style. Ms. Krafton has a way with words that leaves this reader breathless. Elegant and poetic with gothic undertones. A quick, enjoyable read for someone wanting to dip their toes into an imaginative world.

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