Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Too early? Probably. But I'm too excited! I have to share! #Preorder The Alien and the Elf #holidayromance #scifiromance

I'm super excited to share news of my upcoming release. Coming this July is The Alien and the Elf. I'm celebrating Christmas in July this summer. I simply couldn't help myself. love Noelle and Jaxar! Their story was so much fun to write! If you bought A Very Alien Christmas Limited Edtion Boxed Set last year, then you already have the original version of this short steamy romance in your ebook collection.

For this edition, while I was looking it over and getting it ready to format for publication, I couldn't help but add a little extra to scenes in the story. Noelle is such fun to write. She's quirky, sassy and bold. Completely unlike myself. Maybe that's what draws me to her. And of course, Jaxar is simply... to-die-for. I truly hope you enjoy their story!

My name is Noelle, and I'm an elf.

I was minding my own business, testing a newly installed engine on Santa's sleigh when it suffered a slight malfunction. I found myself spiraling out of control. Then a bright beam of light hit from above, and I'm taken on board a spaceship.

Jaxar is a sexy, to-die-for, green-skinned alien who thinks I'm stealing his salvage.

He's never met an elf.

Well, I've never met an alien.

With no way to get home, I need Jaxar's help. Can we work together to fix Santa's sleigh in time to save Christmas?

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