Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Voice from the Past #WeWriWa #8Sunday #excerpt

The Weekend Writing Warriors hosts a group of writers who share excerpts of their published works or works-in-progress every Sunday for reader's enjoyment. Please, be sure to check out the other writers in this group. You might find your next great read!

It's been quite a while since I joined the Weekend Writing Warriors. But, its a brand New Year and I have new books, and new sentences to share with readers. I hope you'll enjoy!

This short excerpt comes from my historical romance, The Pirate's Lady, where a voice from the past intrudes upon Arianne's solitude.


“I’ve come for what’s mine.”

The voice came from behind. She hadn’t heard footsteps approach. The rolling waves crashing on the
shore and the stars twinkling in a black velvet sky had lulled Arianne into a dreamy trance. Her back stiffened at the sound of the voice. She tried to estimate how far away he stood from her position kneeling in the sand without turning to see.

Only a few steps she reckoned. Her hand crept to the sword on her belt. She gripped the handle, comforted by the leather covering the sturdy carved wood. The blade was sharp and deadly.

If you'd like to read more:

Captain Marco Dante was captured and sentenced to hang two years ago, but he escaped before his punishment was carried out. Now he's come back to the woman whose memory kept him alive those long months in prison. Arianne had been his grand passion, but he failed to see how much she meant to him until it was too late. Can he recapture her heart? Or has he lost her forever?

Ariann never imagined she'd see her notorious pirate lover again. Though her heart sings with joy at his return, she knows he hasn't come back for her but for the treasure he left behind. She agrees to help him find it, but can her heart withstand one more adventure with him?

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  1. Very dramatic moment indeed and well described. Great snippet.

  2. Very tense and visual, Tricia. As I'm currently watching (and in mourning)the final 3 episodes of Black Sails, very appreciated.

  3. At first this seemed like a romantic scene. Boy was I wrong!

  4. It started out charming and ended up tense. Great snippet!

  5. I wonder just what he thinks is his? She'd obviously not going to give it to him without a fight. Love a woman with a sword!

  6. Someone's in trouble! (And I don't think it's Arianne, judging by the description of the sword!) Loved this snippet!